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学院 艺术 & 科学

As the oldest and largest unit on campus, the 学院 艺术 & 科学 forms the academic core of the Carolina experience. More than 75 percent of students will graduate with at least one major from the College.

A student raises her hand in class.

认为. Communicate. Collaborate.
创建. …for meaningful lives.

“To think, communicate, collaborate and create” is not only what we strive to teach students, it’s the environment we seek to provide for 教师 and staff so that they may do their best work.

认为” refers to analytical and creative thinking, to reflecting, to connecting ideas. “Communicate” encapsulates written, oral, visual and digital fluencies. “Collaborate” recognizes that most re足球外围官网登录 and learning experiences require the ability to work cooperatively toward a shared goal. “创建” means producing knowledge as well as inventing techniques or materials; it embraces performance, composition and art.

…For meaningful lives” refers to the empowering effects of education and self-knowledge. It recognizes that a broad and deep liberal arts education provides perspective, context and understanding. It recognizes that today’s students will likely have multiple careers — and our job is to provide the foundation that permits them to adapt, 超越, to explore the unexpected path.

事实 & 数据

  • 998教师
  • 10graduate programs ranked in the top 30 by U.S. 新闻 & World Report
  • 16,569undergraduate students and 2,514 graduate students
  • 44academic departments and curricula, 101 academic programs
  • 77%of college students participate in a re足球外围官网登录-intensive course
  • 69%of students enroll in a first-year seminar
  • 36%of undergraduates study abroad
  • $112 millionin re足球外围官网登录 funding
  • Honors Carolina, PlayMakers Rep, three ROTC programs, six Title VI National Resource Centers

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