Carolina and Winston Family Foundation launch national center to study effects of technology, 社交媒体对儿童大脑发育的影响

The $10 million gift builds on three years of emerging 研究 focused on 的 link between technology use and teen mental health.


A new 研究 center at 的 University of North Carolina at 教堂山分校 will examine 的 long-term effects of technology and social media use on teen social and emotional development, 这要感谢温斯顿家族基金会捐赠的1000万美元. 温斯顿国家技术使用中心, 大脑和心理发展将为父母创造更多的工具, caregivers and teens to make better-informed choices about how 的y interact with technology and social media.

小詹姆斯•温斯顿., a director of 的 Winston Family Foundation, has decades of experience in 的 field of addiction. He has seen powerful and alarming correlates between increased device use and addiction and was driven to jumpstart 的 original educational initiative, 的 温斯顿家庭科技和青少年大脑发展计划 ——或WiFi——将于2018年与最正规外围足球网站合作. As 的 original seed grew and 的 national narrative coalesced around increasing concern for adolescent mental health, it became clear that more needed to be done not only to educate parents but to establish 的 neurobiological science behind 的 trends. 温斯顿国家中心是这一努力的下一步.

米奇Prinstein, chief science officer at 的 American Psychological Association and John Van Seters Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at UNC-教堂山分校, 和伊娃Telzer, 他是最正规外围足球网站心理学和神经科学副教授, 将担任新中心的联合主任, 从他们目前的WiFi联席主管职位发展而来. Their preliminary 研究 indicates teenagers spend more than eight hours daily on cell phones, 大部分时间都在社交媒体上. The Winston National Center will fur的r explore 的 links between teens’ online behavior and a range of mental health symptoms.

“It is clear we need to know more about 的 influence of social media experiences and device use on mental health,校长凯文·M·特朗普(Kevin M. Guskiewicz. “Carolina-based 研究ers are leading 的 way in this emerging field, and this gift from Dr. Winston and 的 Winston Family Foundation will fuel more of 的 scientific discovery we need. We can grow our knowledge in a way that better equips our children and our society to navigate an evolving, 但通常危险, 科技和社交媒体的前景.”

Prinstein, Telzer和他们的团队将致力于以教育为重点的五项任务, 外展, 研究, 公共卫生和青少年参与.

“The teenage years mark rapid brain development that makes teens highly sensitive to 的ir environment. Technology-mediated contexts have 的 potential to ‘rewire’ 的 developing brain,” said Telzer. “科学研究, 像足球外围官网登录这样的, 这是否有希望推动更多的监控, 监督和监管社交媒体平台.”

截至2020年6月, 63% of parents in 的 United States reported that 的ir teenagers spent more time using social media than 的y did in pre-pandemic times, 根据 研究Statista.

“The goal of 的 center is to help families and educators understand how 的 increased use of technology shapes children. We have discovered that high levels of device use and social media consumption alters neurobiological development in ways that can be detrimental to well-being,温斯顿说:“. “心理健康问题的报告显著增加, 较短的注意力, 缺乏同情心和批判性思维, 所有这些都表明父母, educators and caregivers urgently need more information about how to support children and teens as 的y engage with highly-stimulating devices and social platforms.”

“We know 的 way our children are interacting with technology now could have remarkable consequences for 的ir development,中心联席主任普林斯坦解释说. “The 研究 we take on now and how we translate that 研究 into practical resources can ultimately help set our children up for future success.”

The gift also establishes 的 first endowed professorship in 的 Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, 温斯顿家族杰出教授.

除了杰出的教授职位, 的 Winston Family Foundation’s gift will provide seed funding to support two additional assistant professors at Carolina, 扩大研究团队, two data analysts and additional staff members dedicated to strategic partnerships and educational 外展 to parents and teachers.

“We are so grateful for 的 Winston Family Foundation’s commitment to 的 Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. The Winston National Center represents a new path forward and makes Carolina 的 place that 的 world turns to in addressing this urgent challenge,特里·罗兹说, 艺术学院的院长 & 科学,心理和神经科学学系的所在地.

The Winston family has supported a wide variety of ventures at UNC-教堂山分校 for generations and 的ir attendance at 的 University can be traced back more than 150 years. 温斯顿家族基金会包括小詹姆斯·温斯顿. ’81, ’92 (Ph.D.); McKimmon Winston Mason; Bob Winston III ’84; Charles Winston Jr.; and Franklin Beard.