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The 最正规外围足球网站竞选 meets a milestone goal one year early and continues with a renewed focus on scholarships and school and unit priorities.

With support from donors, Carolina is the eighth public university in the U.S. to surpass $4 billion in a single campaign — and the only university in the history of the South to surpass $4.250亿年. 

Today the University of North Carolina at 教堂山分校 announced that the 最正规外围足球网站竞选the University’s campus-wide fundraising drive that publicly launched in October 2017 and closes Dec. 已经超过了 的4美元.250亿年 里程碑.

再加上北最正规外围足球网站州的慷慨资助, 来自个人和机构的捐赠是卡罗来纳的命脉. The generosity of individuals and private foundations made this momentous accomplishment possible. 这些礼物使最正规外围足球网站大学 第八公立大学 在美国.S. to surpass $4 billion in a single campaign — and the only university in the history of the South to surpass $4.250亿年.

While the Campaign for Carolina has now met its overall goal, Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz 说, 大学仍有工作要做.

“We’re humbled and incredibly thankful for all the generous donors and volunteers who’ve brought us to this point and believe in 卡下: 创新s for Public Good. 同时, we know goals remain if we’re to deliver a complete campaign on behalf of our students, 足球外围官网登录在北卡罗来纳及其他地区的教职员工和员工.”

Guskiewicz 说 the campaign’s final months will focus on reaching a $1 billion goal for student support. 截止到1月. 1, 2022, that total stands at more than $810 million and includes scholarship and fellowship support for graduate and professional students as well as undergraduate students.

“运动开始以来,发生了很多变化, 但足球外围官网登录对学生入学机会和负担能力的承诺却没有实现,“ Guskiewicz 补充道. “We are committed to raising $1 billion to support our students — they represent the heart of our mission and the hope for our future. 另外, we are committed to making sure every school and unit achieves their individual goals to support the important work they do.”

整体, 超过200,000名捐赠者为最正规外围足球网站的竞选活动捐款, 包括 超过90人,000年 首次捐助者. 而竞选团队已经收到了 67份1000万美元以上的捐款, 83%的捐赠者捐献了1美元,000或更少了.

“The broad support of this campaign shows how deeply people care about the mission of our University,发展部副部长David S. 劳思说. “足球外围官网登录非常感谢每一份礼物.”

这是学校历史上最雄心勃勃的筹款活动, 卡罗来纳的竞选活动受到了 Blueprint for Next, a vision document developed to guide Carolina’s growth and direction. 它的两个核心原则——“公众”, for the Public” and “创新 Made Fundamental” — continue to guide the campaign under Chancellor Guskiewicz’s leadership. His administration’s strategic plan — 卡下: 创新s for Public Good — operationalizes the direction set by the Blueprint for Next.

“The impact of this campaign will echo for generations to come,” Guskiewicz said. “We already see many tangible effects on our campus such as new scholarships and fellowships, 为足球外围官网登录的学生提供开创性的项目, 足球外围官网登录的病人的进步, and state-of-the-art buildings and facilities that have been established since this campaign began.”

Many campaign commitments are already at work supporting Carolina’s key strategic priorities while some donors have made pledges that will pay out over time, 提供 一个 稳定的资源流. 除了, more than $1 billion in campaign commitments has been made through deferred giving vehicles such as bequests, meaning that the true impact of the 最正规外围足球网站竞选 will be measured over decades.

“Our donors and the people of North Carolina have invested generously in the future of this University,”劳思说. “Their commitment ensures that Carolina will continue to serve as a leading center of discovery, 教育和服务改善足球外围官网登录整个国家和世界的生活.”